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TBLI NextGen Investors: How to invest in impact? – Webinar






TBLI NextGen Investors: How to invest in impact? – Webinar

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Title: NextGen Investors: How to Invest in Impact?

Corona Virus clearly shows the balance in the world is quite bad, and how vulnerable the capitalist system is. Impact investing is investing in a healthy world. A world that is less vulnerable. We all benefit from that.

TBLI is expanding its 25 year work in improving the financial system towards a more inclusive and comprehensive financial system. Ultimately,  investments should have multiple returns (Triple Bottom Line-Social, Environmental and Financial).

Listen to our weekly live show. Shareholders for A Better World. Every week we will have discussions and interviews with thought leaders who are truly working to repair the financial system. Next week April 1 Next Gen & Impact Investing.

Here is What You’ll Learn

How to find Impact Deals

Often, it is said that there are no opportunities at scale. We will show the opposite is true.

What are myths of Impact Investment?

There are many myths surrounding ESG and Impact, we will present and discuss what these myths are.

What is an Impact Investment?

We will clarify the definitions: What is impact, What isn’t Impact?

Getting buy-ins

Next-gen investors often complain it is hard to convince their network and families about the value of Impact. You will learn how to address and resolve this.

Robert Rubinstein

TBLI Foundation