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IR Society: Demystifying company accounts and valuations – Module One and Two (online)






IR Society: Demystifying company accounts and valuations – Module One and Two (online)

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This two-day course provides the foundation knowledge needed to understand a set of accounts and be able to answer questions from analysts, investors and the financial press. This course is designed for people who have no formal accounting training and will be of relevance for anyone studying for the CIR qualification. Please note all dates shown are FIRST DATE OF TWO DAY COURSE.  Please contact Jessica Hyett if you have any questions.

Module One will clearly explain accounting jargon, together with the relevance and limitations of financial statements. You will learn how to identify which key numbers are important in communicating your company’s story and the issues that need explaining.

Module Two will help you to understand in more depth how financial analysts and investors look at companies. It is not necessary to have a financial background to take Module Two, but you should have completed Module One or have an equivalent understanding of basic accounting concepts.

What will I gain?
Module One

  • Foundation knowledge in understanding a set of company accounts
  • Gain fluency in financial jargon
  • A clear understanding of the relevance and limitations of financial statements

Module Two

  • An understanding of the key principles behind most commonly used valuation methods
  • A grasp of the fundamentals of the discounted cash flow valuation model and key sensitivities
  • An awareness of risk and return parameters and non-financial considerations impacting investment decision making

Module one

  • Introduction
  • The Accounting Foundations – What is Financial Information?
  • The Components of a Balance Sheet
  • The Components of a Profit and Loss Account
  • Cash Flow Statements

Module two

  • Introduction
  • Fundamental concept of discounted cash flow
  • Risk vs return
  • Business strategy
  • Introduction to valuation methods
  • Conclusion: What really matters

Booking and further information

Course dates

10 May 2021
9.00am to 4.30pm

23 June 2021
9.00am to 4.30pm

10 November 2021
9.00am to 4.30pm

Price for members of DIRF: £898 for both modules