DIRFdagen 2018 – how to navigate new waters



Sted:Plesner, Amerika Plads 37, 2100 København Ø



DIRFdagen 2018 – how to navigate new waters

Sted: Plesner, Amerika Plads 37, 2100 København Ø


The annual DIRFday conference for Investor Relations professionals took place on

28 September 2018 in Copenhagen.

As most DIRF members well know, many IR professionals work solo or in small teams. While connecting with a range of colleagues throughout the company, being the only IR pro can be a bit isolating. That is one of the major reasons that DIRF was founded 30 years ago in April 1988: to provide a network of IR practitioners. It was true in 1988 and also today: NETWORK WORK.


Keynote: Presenting a major change in corporate strategy to investors

Learn how ALK handled investor communication during a major strategic transition and how management and IR performed the challenging task of preparing and investors for a new journey and onboarding them.

  • Carsten Hellmann, CEO, ALK A/S
  • Per Plotnikof, Head of IR, ALK A/S

The investor perspective: What defines best-in-class IR today?

What are the hallmarks of good investor communication and what defines effective IR work in large as well as small caps? What are the most important dos and don’ts of current IR work to create investor traction and retain credibility? Does best-in-class IR work benefit valuation?

Investor targeting as a means to attract capital – the ISS approach

Get insights into how mixing qualitative and quantitative aspects of investor targeting can help you in the competition for capital, how corporate IR teams can take control of investor targeting in a time- and cost-efficient way – and improve the quality and relevance of road shows and the dialogue with investors in general.

MiFID II – what are the practical consequences of the new regulatory framework and will it lead to a shift in business models?

With the recent implementation of MiFID II, this session will focus on the practical consequences of the new legislation, considering its implications for the various stakeholders, from the buy side’s use of in-house corporate access to independent research to what is happening on the sell side.


ESG is creeping in on us – what is it really about and will it impact IR’s role and focus in the years to come?

Is ESG a new buzzword and just old wine on new bottles – or does it hold new perspectives and guidelines for investor and corporate behaviour? How can IR help ensure optimal ESG communication and be a promotor in setting out long-term corporate ESG strategies and achievements in response to investment community demands?

Keynote: IR and cybersecurity – merely a set of corporate guidelines and actions?

We will focus on the growing risk of cybercrime and on why it matters to be prepared. Recent attacks have taught us all to take the matter seriously, but do we fully grasp what it is all about? How vulnerable are corporate networks? What should we all know and what is the role of IR?

Wrap up: Main take-aways presented by conference moderator

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