Is the information morass undermining your IR efforts?

IR professionals need to unblock information flows, swiftly access the most relevant data and unearth their company’s most powerful stories. Maximise your efforts to stay on top by joining us at DIRFdagen 2017 on 28 September 2017 and get the latest IR trends and developments from experts and peers covering a wide range of the most current topics and issues in Denmark and internationally.

According to recent findings brought by the US IR association, NIRI, in IR Update from June/July, responsiveness to investors is perennially mentioned as the key performance metric for IR when evaluated by the buy side. And every IRO wants to be fast, responsive and communicative, but often these goals are very difficult to achieve. The culprit slowing investor relations, though, is often the time it takes IR officers to find the information they need. According to analyses made by McKinsey, knowledge workers across industries spend three out of every five days searching for, gathering and distributing information.

For investor relations, the challenge is compounded by compliance and regulations which increase the stakes for not only finding the information, but ensuring its accuracy and consistency with corporate messaging – before it is escalated to senior management and sent out to the market. The role investor relations can play is to add a narrative – defined and supported over many quarters of quantitative results – that brings the information to life and turns data into a coherent investment thesis. To succeed, IR teams need to unblock information flows, swiftly tap into quantitive information and unearth their company’s most powerful and frequently hidden stories.

At the annual investor relations conference in Copenhagen – IR in times of change – we dig into the very core of what is currently impacting and shaping the present and future investor relations job. During the day, we will get insights into what is going on in the C-suite, the most recent new regulation such as Shareholder Rights Directive and the implications of MiFID II taking effect as from 1 January 2018. Also, sustainability communication has become imperative for IROs to understand, because mainstream investors have rapidly begun adopting corporate environmental/social responsibility/governance (ESG) strategies and performance expectations in investment decision-making. All this and much more on new trends and best practice regarding investor targeting, shareholder and proxy administration is on the agenda. Furthermore, this is the best opportunity of the year to network and learn from your IR peers.

Register now if you have not done so already! We look forward to welcoming you to DIRFdagen 2017 – IR in times of change – on 28 September 2017 hosted by VP Investor Services, Weidekampsgade 14, Copenhagen S.